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How to Make Practical Decisions When Painting Your Home

Plan Reasonable Decisions When You Paint a Home.

Thinking about a serious paint upgrade or simply freshening up a much loved space in your home? There are various motivating factors when deciding whether to begin a DIY project painting Lake Stevens or contact a professional. Firstly it is a good idea to plainly estimate the financial expense verses the challenges you will face. An excellent paint job could provide protection for up to 5 - 10 years to all of your surfaces assisting to retain your home’s value. If surface maintenance is neglected it can be very costly to correct once the damage seriously compromises any inner structure. You will find many reasons for either an interior or exterior paint job – for example you might be sick and tired of an outdated color scheme and want a new modern look. The main thing is to consider all the vital aspects of completing your project in a logical way which means that your outcome justifies your efforts and expense.

Which Season Has the Best Weather Conditions for Painting Your Home?

The very best climatic conditions for interior painting are moderate humidity and temperatures - that is early fall or late spring in most parts of the country. Temperature and humidity affect just how paint bonds and flows to the surface. You can run a humidifier if the air is absolutely dry or put in a conditioner in the paint to boost its flow.

You will have choices to consider - a DIY or consider requesting advice from a professional with a quote. You may be really good at painting and enjoy the creative process, but for a lot of individuals, painting is tedious and boring. The reality is that a lot of people don’t have the results that they had wished for because they ignore the value of proper preparation and don’t have a methodical plan. A plan will keep you on track, help you process all the pros and cons of whether to look at a quote from an experienced professional.

Finding the Right Paint.

Not using the correct product is going to be a waste of money, effort and time. it is vital to discover the correct paint for your project.

House Paint: Paint Is Either Water Base (Latex) or Alkyd Base.

Water-based paints are often referred to as latex or acrylic paint. These have minimal odor and release fewer VOCs when drying. The color pigments are carried by water so they don’t use solvents.

Latex paint is straightforward to use and tidy up. The improved chemistry of today’s Latex helps it be suited to practically every application. Some clients believe that alkyd paint allows for a smoother finish surface. There is certainly feed-back that individuals feel alkyd paint allows for a smoother surface, thus an increased quality finish. Latex paint is simple to apply as well as clean afterwards.

All flat to glossy enamel paints come in a variety of "Sheens" Flat paints are normally used for some ceilings and wall applications. Nearly all enamels dry to a shiny finish and are being used for surfaces that need to be washed often, such as walls in bathrooms, kitchens, and for woodwork.

Flat paints are almost always used for ceiling and wall applications. The prices of paint generally are a good reflection of quality as they cost more to create. Top quality paints look much better than budget paints because they cover the surface better, endure longer and are much easier to apply. This implies generally you will need fewer coats and will usually turn out to be cheaper in the long run. So if you would like value for money, buy the best quality paint your budget can afford.

Alkyd base enamels have the best gloss. Eggshell enamel combines the wash ability of enamel with a soft finish. Flat latex can be an all-purpose paint that hides surface irregularities but with a soft finish. In areas that are washed constantly, a gloss enamel offers a highly reflective finish - which is perfect for such areas. Medium-gloss latex enamel has a slightly less reflective finish but is a perfect highly washable surface. The problem is all gloss paints tend to show surface flaws.

Interior paints have specific qualities that are needed in high use areas: Resistance to alkaline cleaners, maintenance of surface hue or sheen - won’t get shiny when rubbed. Scrub ability, splatter resistance, doesn’t lose its color. Won’t adhere to other surfaces, stain resistance, you don’t see mark, easy touch up.


Flat paint is an excellent choice because provides uniform sheen and it doesn’t reflect light.


Generally living spaces and bedrooms should be painted with Satin paint since it is easy to completely clean, resists stains and comes with an elegant look. Also in kitchens and bathrooms paint with satin or semi-gloss because they are both stain resistant, easy to completely clean. Gloss provides sturdiness and is simple to wash and maintain.

Primers: A Very Important Step in the Painting Process!

It is vital to always use a good primer for all those surfaces before painting. A good primer will bond to the walls surface which gives a durable base. This base then effectively keeps the final coat from peeling or cracking. When using deep or dark colors choose a tinted primer to accomplish good coverage, accentuate the paints sheen reducing the number of coats applications.

The primers purpose is to bond to wood and to seal all the porous surfaces such as in dry wall. It generally dries quickly so the finish coat can be employed sooner. So a good primer saves money and time. Consider tinting your primer to the color of your paint - particularly if changing the color over a surface - it is essential if you would like to attain the precise color you chosen. It helps to block the prior color from interfering with the new color. Sadly many people miss the primer and go to the color coats. This shortcut, for whatever reason, most often backfires as it could take a supplementary coat of color to attain the coverage you want. Primer is cheaper than paint, so missing that step both wastes your time and money.

Picking the Colors for Your Projects.

Colors should highlight or enhance your space. Organize your paint chips or color palettes/charts and choose your color preferences. Organize the colors and compare them to the things in the room: Floor coverings, furniture and window features - curtains or blinds. How do the colors contrast with each item? A simple way to do this is to make a color board with fabric pieces and floor finishes, or, the nearest colors of each item in the area and nearby spaces - don’t just forget about flow from one room to another. View them with the big picture at heart as you want a cohesive look.

Reviewing Your Budget.

Time for you to list the costs you will incur and which paints are best for your spaces. What is it going to cost to get the job done yourself? You'll need some basic equipment if you don’t already have them in your storage space. Creating a budget can be an essential and a practical way of compiling those costs that'll be incurred. Getting a free quote from a professional will allow you to assess the full total cost of the whole project. (Materials - equipment, labor and time - don’t forget stress.)

It's very stressful for family when everyone becomes overwhelmed because of delays. There may be areas of the painting project you are proficient at nevertheless, you don’t enjoy or have time and energy to complete. Perhaps you can consider contracting that aspect to a specialist? If you cannot complete a quality job within your price budget it can turn into a lemon and set you back dearly rather than helping you save money.

There is always the option to compare what it could cost you to execute a job yourself and what a professional would charge. You may take benefit of free competitive quotes to help keep within your budget for your project. It’s easy! There is absolutely no obligation or commitment when you request a quote, it will cost you nothing at all and it only takes 2 - 3 minutes. Consider asking for a quote from several contractors in Lake Stevens, WA.

It is good to truly have an understanding of any contractors policies or methods and the products they will be using. Also as you think of things make a list of your questions that you feel important to your project outcome.

Have Your Contractor Answer These Questions.

When is the likely starting and completion date. What is the contractual cover for not completing the project in the specified timeframe?

Important info about any contractor is the contractor bonded and insured. A bonding will substitute your costs if the contractor fails to complete the job. Insurance is required to cover any injury to any other workers. The insurance question is important as you could be responsible for such injuries. Insurance could also cover possible harm to your premises. Sometimes you can follow up with references from previous customers.

It is always a great option to get free quotes from at least three contractors. Reliable contractors tend to give similar quotes to each home owner for the same type of job. The estimate should break down labor and material costs - with payment terms.

Cover all of your bases! Make a budget, create a plan, then compare it to several professional quotes. A quote is free and provides you the ability of making the best choice for painting Lake Stevens

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